Greetings and welcome!

Whether you’re a party goer or stay at home person, if you love music, you came to the right place to hang out and enjoy the audio goodies I have to share with you. Note the music player on the bottom of each page; use it to pick and listen to any of my various music genre mixtapes as you browse this site.  Before we get started though, I gotta give mad love and major props to my friend Shakti for developing this website. I am so blessed to have such a talented, supportive, loyal, and all around amazing person as my friend.  How did I get so lucky? Thank you Shakti!

Ok, here’s what I have going on to share with you…

Every week I’ll be checking in with updates for upcoming events/parties, free downloads of some of my past mixes, tips for DJs, occasional video footage, maybe some pics, and whatever else I’m feeling like sharing in that moment with you.  If you have questions about events, DJ related info, music requests, ideas or other feedback, feel free to hit me up.

Folks who sign up on my mailing lists will receive free downloads of more current club/party mixes that you can most definitely use to bump in your ride or get your private house party cracking!  My party mixes are made specifically to get you and your people movin’, always.

I’ll be throwin’ down live at numerous other events which you can check out on my Events page calendar.
Feel free to explore, listen, watch, and stay connected cause I appreciate you visiting this site and look forward to making you feel good…

Much love,