Greetings and Welcome!

Greetings and welcome!

Whether you’re a party goer or stay at homer, if you love music, you came to the right place to hang out and enjoy the goodness I have to share with you.  Before we get started though, I gotta give mad love and major props to my friend Shakti for developing this website.  I am so blessed to have such a talented, supportive, loyal, and all around amazing person as my friend.  How did I get so lucky?  Thank you Universe!

Ok, here’s what I got going on to share with you…

Every week I will be checking in with updates for upcoming events/parties, free downloads of some of my past mixes, tips for DJs, occasional video footage, maybe some pics, and whatever else I’m feeling like sharing in that moment with you.  If you have questions about events, DJ related info, music requests, ideas, or other feedback, feel free to hit me up.

Folks who sign up on my mailing lists will receive free downloads of more current club/party mixes that you can most definitely use to bump in your ride or get your private house party cracking!  My party mixes are made specifically to get you and your people movin’, always.

Now, I wanna let you know about a couple of events that I love to spin at and highly recommend you check out, because, really, they are hella fun!!!  (Uh yeah, the word  hella, it’s an Oakland thing, ’cause we HELLA LOVE OAKLAND!  And not just because it’s the lesbian capital of the country either, lol. )   So, here’s where the party’s cracking this month and the next:


MANGO (Saturday, March 28th)

This is the Bay Area’s original Tea Dance for women and all their friends.  Conceived by the late great Chantal Salkey, I have the pleasure of spinning at this amazing outdoor event every 4th Saturday with fellow DJs Edaj, La Coqui, & Marcella.  This joint gets packed pretty early so don’t be coming all fashionably late and shit, ’cause your cool ass will just end up standing in a very long line for about half an hour or so, trust.  The next Mango is Saturday, March 28 (every 4th Saturday) starting at 2pm.  Details on my Events page or Home page calendar.


GOOD TIMES in Sacramento (April 4th  in Sacramento)

I invite all SF Bay Area and northern Cali folks to come experience the magic that happens every 1st Saturday in Sacramento, California.  A very dedicated group of people make sure that no matter what, when you come out on this night, you will truly have a freaking great time!  Only 5 bucks cover, the music’s always slammin, the clientele has zero attitude, and the venue has an indoor main dance floor with a tight sound system as well as another dance area on the outdoor patio for the smokers and their friends to get their asses shakin’ too.  Get all the details  on this page right here…


I’ll be throwin’ down the tight beats at numerous other events which you can check out on my Events page or Home page calendar.

Feel free to explore, listen, watch, and stay connected cause I appreciate you visiting this site and look forward to making you feel good all night long…

Much love,



24/05/11 18:02

Love your site!!!!

YAY, DJ Olga T!!! What a great website. And yes I am the first to leave a comment…lol. Keep it going, you are talented and gifted. Stay sweet and keep doing your thing.

peace / blessings

Just Me Helen

27/05/11 16:31

The one, the only DJ Olga T

No body packs the house like you do, Olga T… keep spinnin; and thanks for sharing your gift with the masses. Bangin website by the way. See you at Good Times!

18/05/13 23:55


Happy to have found your blog. I hope I’ll enjoy NoCal as much as I enjoyed the night life in Uganda.
-Val Kalende

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