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“Music is the common language that transcends all the differences among people.  It shifts moods, inspires unity and speaks to all who are listening.  Every time I play for an audience, I feel privileged to be able to share my passion for music and the art of DJing in a way that creates a party experience that makes people feel connected and elated on the dance floor.”

– DJ Olga T

Words spoken by a master of the turntables and consistent generator of crowd frenzies that infatuates audiences every time she plays. San Francisco Bay Area master DJ Olga T never disappoints when she takes control of the decks. Her ability to play nearly any genre of music, from Hip Hop, Dancehall/Reggae, Old School, R&B, to Top 40, Electro, Trap, Dance, etc. keeps her playing skills in constant demand. However Soulful, Tribal, Deep, Latin, Classic, & Gospel House music is why she fell in love with the art of DJing. Her Soulful House sets will always take you on a powerful journey of love through dance. Olga T is known for having perfect crowd reading precision, passionate energy and flawless transitions that always generates a happy and packed dance floor.  A loyal vinyl head and always true to the original art form of DJing, using digital tools solely to enhance her phenomenal spontaneous sets, Olga T is masterfully explosive in each and every performance.  If you haven’t experienced DJ Olga T in action, you’ve been missing out on an incredible party experience!

Raised and based in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, Olga T is the premiere female DJ of the northern California women’s and queer club scene.  Olga T has been instrumental in developing the success of legendary Bay Area events like SF’s first women’s Tea Dance, “MANGO (still going strong after 18 years), Oakland’s first Tea Dance, “BUTTA”, as well as rocking audiences in Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and aboard an Olivia Cruise ship in the Bahamas, high profile corporate events, private weddings and guest DJing at countless events all over the Bay Area and beyond. Olga T is also the creator of Oakland’s legendary weekly Wednesday event for all queers and their friends called “Good Times” originally at The Den, next to the historical Fox Theater.  Good Times has now grown and moved to 1st Saturdays in California’s state capital, Sacramento!  Truly an event for the community, this party continues to be insanely packed and is the place to see and be seen. Acknowledging the gift of the people who took the time to teach her, Olga T also teaches the art of DJ mixing once a month in her HER GROOVES – DJ Instruction 101 class.  All the details on the classes as well as links to free downloads, samples of Olga T’s available party ready CD Mixtapes, her weekly Blog, performance dates, booking information and much more can all be found at her website   If you haven’t experienced Olga T in action, you’ve been missing out on an incredible party experience!


“Transcendence” Original track created by Olga Texidor (aka DJ Olga T)  All Rights Reserved.  For more music go here